High aspect radio with coating bit

Drill bit with coating for super-thick multi-layered PCBs enhance the chip removing capacity.

Type Diamter Length Aspect ratio
UC 0.20 5.5 27.5
UC 0.225 5.5 24.5
UC 0.25 7.0 28.0


Drill bit designed with a point angle of 150° or 165° will not only enhance the chip removing capacity but reduce the burr problems. This kind of drills have good performances on back drilling & blind drilling.

Type Diamter Length
UC 0.30 ~ 0.70 5.0
UC 0.50 ~ 1.15 7.0

Pre drilling and positioning drilling

Positioning pins ar are designed to enhance the accuracy of high aspect ratio drills.

Type Diamter Length
UC 0.20 1.0

Slot bit

Used for Z-axis cutting machining on drilling machines. The geometrical design along with the high rigidity improves bad slot problems and gives better slot quality.

Type Diamter Length
SD 、 USD 0.40 ~ 0.55 4.7、5.5
USD 0.60 ~ 1.00 4.7
USD 0.70 ~ 1.65 6.7
SD 0.60 ~ 1.25 5.7、6.7
SD 0.70 ~ 3.00 8.7

For ABF Application

When being used on the build-up PCB, drills designed with parallel flute and coating can improve bad chip-removig and enhance the accuracy.

Type Diamter Length
ST 、 UC 0.15 3.5
ST 、 UC 0.20 4.3

For HDI & Automobile Application

HDI: High rigidity designs not only give better hole accuracy, but satisfy the in-hole quality requirement
from customers.

Automobile: The design of good chip-removing capability can give better hole quality.

Type Diamter Length
UC 0.20 3.6、4.0
UC 0.25 4.0、5.0
UC 0.275 4.5、5.5
UC 0.30 5.0、6.2
UC 0.35 5.5、6.5

For BGA Application

For Dense-hole PCB and increase stack demands, intensive drill design with chip removing coating can give the accuracy which meets customer standards.

Type Diamter Length
ST 、 UC 0.10 1.8、2.0
ST 、 UC 0.15 2.7、 3.0、3.5

For FPCB & RF Application

Products, specifically designed for FPCB, have good performances on improving hole quality, PP
surface protrusion, nodules and corner cracking.

Type Diamter Length
ST 、 UC 0.11 1.8、2.0
ST 、 UC 0.15 2.5、2.7、3.0

Coating Tool

Coating Color Thickness Range Function
ta-C Rainbow 200~300nm 0.075~0.25mm best chip-removing capability,
higher unit price
DLC Grey blue 200~300nm 0.10~0.25mm good chip-removing capability
ZrN Fuchsia 200~300nm 0.10~0.25mm hole quality enhancement
AICrN Silver 400~500nm 0.20~0.35mm good wear resistance

CVD Diamond Coating

  • Features: 7000~9000HV high hardness, low coefficient of friction, Coating thickness: 0.5~20um, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, good electrical insulation.
  • Application: Used on high TG and halogen-free PCB to provide high stability, long life time and stability.