• 1997 Founded as the first professional PCB driller manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • 2000 Received IS09002 & 1S014001 certification.
  • 2001 Established KeyWare Electronics Co, Ltd in Kunshan, China and to be the 1st diller manufacturer listed on the Taiwan Emerging Stock Exchange.
  • 2002 Over 1.5 million PCS selling volume in Taiwan and over 500 thousand PCS in China.
  • 2003 Certificated by Samsung Korea, GCE, Hannstar,Compeq, Nanya, Unimicron and etc.
  • 2004 Kunshan new plant began operation with a 4.5million PCS capacity
  • 2005 0.1 mm micro driller mass production and sale.
  • 2006 Received micro driller certfication from Kinsus and Nanya. Monthly selling volume is over 5.5 million PCS both in Taiwan and China
  • 2007 Taiwan plant moved to Guishan Industrial Zone and the capacity of Taiwan and China plants amounted to over 8 million PCS/month.
  • 2008 Received IS0 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 new version.
  • 2009 Director-supervisor re-election. Mr. ZHOU  BANGJI, the chairman of Concord and TVCA Executive Director, was elected as the chairman of Key Ware Electronics Co., LTD.
  • 2011 Established a manufacturing plant in Chungking with a capacity of 3 million PCS/month which enhanced the total capacity of Taiwan & China to over 110 million PCS/month.
  • 2015 Established LaserWare Laser Technology Co., Ltd in Kunshan, to provide laser drilling services.
  • 2017 Established Key De Precise Industry Co., Ltd, for high TG/Halogen-Free CCL sales.
  • 2018 Established LaserWare  Laser Technology Co., Ltd in Wuhan, to provide professional CNC (Mechanical Drilling) services.
    Added molding process to offer better customer service.
    The total capacity of Key Ware group is over 12 million PCS/month.
  • 2019 Established Jia Chi to provide professional laser service for Taiwan HDI and 5G customers.